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  Lesson Information    

  General Information    

For the 2023-24 School Year, lessons will be available In-Person at my Home Studio in Glenview, IL, or Online. 

I offer weekly private piano lessons for elementary thru advanced pianists, small group lessons for beginning pianists, and private voice lessons for elementary thru intermediate vocalists. I do not audition students, but welcome all families who are serious about music study and committed to practice. My curriculum is based on a "comprehensive musicianship" approach to music learning, which includes music reading, repertoire and performance, theory, technique, ear training and some creative work. Jazz and popular repertoire may be included along with more traditional classical repertoire. 


New students may take a free trial lesson, or observe other lessons online before signing up. The first month of lessons may be paid for on a weekly basis: after that trial period, students who continue will pay for the remaining balance of the semester.

The Studio Policies for 2023-24 may be viewed here.

Online Lesson Requirements may be viewed here.

  Practice Requirements 

Consistent practice is the key to success at the piano! Students are enrolled with the understanding that they will practice a minimum of five days a week. Practice requirements are as follows:  

Grades K - 2 --20 minutes a day (or 10 minutes twice a day)  
Grades 3 - 5 --30 minutes a day (or 15 minutes twice a day)  
Grades 6 - 8 --45 minutes a day
Grades 9 -12 --60 minutes a day 

Students who are not fulfilling the practice requirements will necessitate a parent/teacher conference and a possible termination of lessons.

  Performances & Exams   

There are two required performances during the school year. A holiday program is held in December: this is generally a less formal gathering where students play Christmas and Hanukkah music along with other favorites. A more formal Spring recital is held in May, and all students are expected to participate.


Other opportunities to perform in public during the year include the NSMTA Sonata/Sonatina Festival in February, the AIM theory and performance exams, and other local solo and ensemble contests. Participation in these events is optional but strongly encouraged.

  Yearly Calendar   

Lessons are given on a semester basis, with a Fall semester of approximately 16 weeks (late August thru mid-December), and a Spring semester of approximately 21 weeks (January thru early June). Appropriate breaks for holidays and Spring break are included. I also offer a short session in the Summer for 4 to 6 weeks. I generally follow the Glenview District 34 school calendar.

The Calendar Dates for 2023-24 may be viewed here.

  Tuition and Fees   

Tuition is paid in two equal installments for the Fall semester, three for the Spring, and one for the Summer, with a bill being submitted a few weeks before the due date. Tuition is due before the first lesson of each semester. No lessons will be taught on credit. Payment plans may be arranged: please see me for details. Tuition for 2023-24 lessons is based on an hourly rate of $80.


​Students are expected to have a piano or keyboard at home for daily practice. Regular care and tuning of the piano that the student plays on is very important, both for the life of the instrument and the progress of the student. A list of recommended tuner/technicians may be found here. 


Electronic keyboards may be used if they meet certain criteria.


Students are expected to purchase the materials required for their course of study; also required is a three ring binder, in which lesson assignments will be stored. I occasionally purchase music books to sell to students: for these I bill the student for the cost of materials plus sales tax.

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